Our Scripture Camping Trip

Last week Sterling mentioned to the Brown kids that maybe we could go camping this week. Well, we learned (again!) that you can’t say “maybe” anything to the Brown kids—they remember everything. So when they started to ask us when we were going camping, we figured we better come up with a plan. . .

We decided last night would be perfect. It was Jon’s birthday, so Jon and Shalae could plan a night out and we could enjoy a fun overnighter with the grandkids. We invited Kona and Makai to come as well. . . the other Utah grandkids were out of town for spring break.

The kids wanted to sleep in the trailer, but we didn’t think we had the time to de-winterize the trailer quite yet, so we came up with a Plan B. . . a living room camping adventure. In retrospect, I think Sterling put more time into planning the living room adventure than it would have taken to get the trailer ready, but it was definitely worth it!

We decided to re-enact a scripture story with the kids—the story of Book of Mormon prophet Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and camping in the wilderness while searching for their new home. When the kids arrived, we had a canopy sent up in the living room, with tarps attached on three sides, creating a tent.

We went hunting for food with the kids. Cooper had saved his own money and bought a bow and arrow that he brought with him; Sterling found some cheesy smaller bows and arrows for Ashton and Kona and foam swords for Phoebe and Makai.

We took those with us as we went “hunting” for food in the yard (Sterling had hidden turkey targets for them to find). We talked about the story of Nephi repairing his broken bow and praying for guidance to find food for his family.

We ate dinner (pulled chicken, not exactly turkey but the kids didn’t seem to mind) then “crossed the ocean” (went swimming). We ended the evening with S’mores for dessert and a movie while camping out in the tent.

We let the kids stay up later than usual—typically we stick to their regular bedtime even when they’re enjoying an overnighter with us. But we made an exception and watched part of the movie; we finished it this morning before the kids were picked up.

Sterling and I slept on a bedroll and foam pad on the floor, while the kids slept on the couches around us, and while it wasn’t the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had, it was definitely a great camping adventure!

That said, Sterling and I agreed that we’re too old to have young children! They were amazing—well behaved, patient, kind to each other. . . and I loved every minute of it. But it takes lots of energy and time to parent young children—we are definitely glad that we’re the grandparents!