A Gift with a Personal Touch

Happy birthday to two of my sons-in-law!

Last week both Jon and Sean celebrated their birthdays. At this age, we’ve discovered that our adult kids generally prefer cash as a gift—I guess there aren’t many toys (at least affordable toys) that appeal to grown-ups. All of us (parents and siblings) combine to give a gift of cash so the birthday boy or girl gets more bang for their buck. And although it may seem impersonal, it’s what they want and it definitely makes it easier to shop, so I’m not complaining.

But, of course, I can’t just tuck cash inside a card or envelope. . . oh, no! That would be impersonal!



So I thought I’d share the gift packaging from last week’s festivities. One is made from our regular Kraft box and the other is a modified Decorative Window gift box, with a little masculine décor added. I think they turned out great! And they do turn what might seem like a rather impersonal gift into a heartfelt birthday wish!

Happy birthday, Sean and Jon!