Family Party--Stampin' Up! Style

Today was the perfect day for a Stampin’ Up! family party—the first we’ve had in years! The weather was gorgeous, and the event was fantastic! What a great opportunity for us to visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point before it’s even open to the public; from what I understand, we’re the first group to try out the Waterworks section! And to be able to time it so we could also enjoy the Tulip Festival was an added bonus.

From what I saw everyone seemed to have a great time—I know I did!

My favorite part was seeing everyone with their families and loved ones. Many of our employees have been with us for years, and I remember their children from gatherings we’ve had in the past. It was amazing to see how many kids have grown up! I also enjoyed the opportunity to see the people behind the people who do so much for us at Stampin’ Up!—the spouses, partners, parents, children of our wonderful employees. I was tickled that we had a chance to show our appreciation to these families for their support.

Thanks to all who came—and to those who didn’t (it was spring break and Easter weekend, so I know there were several who were out of town), we missed you!