A Drive Down Memory Lane

Sterling and I spent the weekend learning and remembering. . . . let me explain.

We signed up to attend a Parelli Horsemanship training—Horses Helping Humans Therapeutic Clinic. We went on behalf of Courage Reins, one of the nonprofit organizations that we believe in and support, along with Angie, one of the instructors at Courage Reins.

It was an amazing clinic, and we all learned a lot. We were impressed enough to invite an instructor to come to Courage Reins and share some of the training with the staff there, and we think the training will be a great addition to the amazing things that Courage Reins offers.

In addition to the training, however, we took a little trip down memory lane. The training was held in Yreka, California, about an hour outside of Medford, Oregon, where our flight landed. And Medford is where Sterling and I lived for about six months during the early years of our marriage.

When we landed in Medford, I told Sterling that I wanted to drive around and visit a few sentimental spots—the house where we lived, the hospital where Sara was born, the place where Mom Heather worked. . . just a few things like that. I hadn’t taken many pictures back then—digital cameras were far in the future and film was expensive. We lived on a pretty tight budget, so we thought pretty carefully about the pictures we took back then.

So on our way back to the airport we went in search of our little home. We hardly recognized it—in addition to being blue instead of green, it was also surrounded by other homes and buildings. When we lived there more than 30 years ago, our home was only a year or two old and was surrounded by fields; in fact, you could see the small hospital where Sara was born from our window. Not now! We had to backtrack and drive around a little to make sure we were in the right spot.

And of course, it looked a little older and worn down than what I remembered. When I mentioned that, Sterling commented that the house wasn’t the only thing that looked older after 30 years. I can’t imagine what he was referring to. . . (smile)

We didn’t stay in Medford long, but I have fond memories there. I was pregnant with Sara and used to run through the neighborhood to keep fit. There were a few other homes and buildings being built, and the construction workers sometimes whistled at me when I ran by—they must have been pretty desperate to whistle at a seven-month pregnant jogger!

On the few days when I had the car (we only had one and Sterling usually took it to work), I would sometimes go have lunch with Mom Heather, who worked in town.

And on the weekends, we sometimes visited Mom and Paul, who lived in Ashland, Oregon, about 15 minutes away. We drove over there too, so I could take a few pictures to show Paul.

It was a great weekend! I doubt that we’ll ever make it back to Medford, so I enjoyed the opportunity to take a few photos and relive a few memories.