A Stampin' Up!-Style Premiere

Last night was our 2014-2015 Catalog Premiere, a first-ever catalog launch event that was amazing!

Let me describe it—we broadcast the event from the convention center in Long Beach, California, on a live satellite feed to 40 movie theaters all over North America where approximately 7,000 demonstrators had gathered together.

Talk about pressure!

We actually had a full-on, complete rehearsal earlier in the day, which we never do! Our presenters practice their presentations for all our events, and we have onsite rehearsals, but I can’t ever remember having a “from beginning to end” rehearsal before. But because it was a live broadcast, we had to get it right—and on time! (That might have been the biggest challenge, since some of us like to ad lib a bit. . . )

The rehearsal went great, and the actual event was even better, because we had our demonstrators with us! Talk about energy and excitement—the air was practically electric in Long Beach, and I’ve heard from various people who were at the different locations, it was the same everywhere.

The broadcast was two and a half hours, but the time flew by! The presenters did a very nice job and covered a lot of ground—sharing dozens of samples, in-depth catalog strategy, ideas for sharing the catalog with all different types of customers, and, of course, lots of stamping. . . plenty for both the business-minded demonstrator and the demonstrator who simply loves to stamp.

And we didn’t stop there—we had prize patrols, all-attendee giveaways, and a copy of the new catalog, as well as the new Celebrando Creatividad and the newest issue of Stampin’ Success. No wonder everyone was so excited!

There were only a couple of glitches that I’m aware of: We had to cancel the event in Birmingham, Alabama, because of the weather (thoughts and prayers going out to those impacted by the tornadoes and terrible weather), and we were short catalogs in a couple of locations. I honestly don’t know what happened there, but I do know that everyone felt terrible! Catalogs were shipped out first thing this morning, and I know we were doing all we could to make that right for the demonstrators who didn’t get to walk away with a new catalog in their hands!

Because really, that’s what this event was all about—celebrating what is one of the highlights for any Stampin’ Up! demonstrator or customer—the release of a new catalog. We all know the anticipation that we feel as we finally get to see what’s inside and start envisioning the projects we are going to create.

And the chance to gather together and do that in such a fun way was wonderful! Even though we weren’t all together in one location, we were definitely gathered together, and it was a fabulous feeling!

I wanted to give a shout out—and heartfelt thanks—to the many people who worked so hard to make this event happen. We have a great group of individuals at the home office who have been planning this event for months, and then we had at least one (and in many cases more) home office representative at each location to make sure things went as planned. Kudos to you all, as well as our thousands of demonstrators, who really are the reason we all do what we do! Thanks for being there with us—and maybe we’ll do it again next year. . . .