The Idita-Read Celebration

Yesterday I got to attend a reward for reading program at Cooper’s school—I was very impressed! His class marked the successful end of its Idita-Read Celebration (based on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race), and each of the students who crossed the finish line were honored for their accomplishments. Cooper is a great little reader, so this was a fun activity for him to be involved in.

The program was short and sweet and nice. Cooper’s teacher, Mrs. Sivert, talked about being “finishers” and congratulated those who had finished the race. Everyone who reached their goals received a stuffed dog and a bookmark with their picture on it, and then we had refreshments—Rice Krispy Treats and fruit and veggies.

How often do you go to a school program and see those kinds of healthy treats? I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I was pretty excited about that part of the program!

Cooper got to invite anyone he wanted to the program (the invitation was adorable), and we were touched that he invited us. Grandpa couldn’t make it, but I represented both of us. . .we’re proud of Cooper and that he was an Idita-Read Celebration finisher!