The Tooth Fairy's Helper

We just wrapped up another conference weekend. I say it twice a year—I love these weekends! I enjoy the opportunity to lounge around, makeup free, in pajamas and sweats, and relax with whoever decides to join us. I also look forward to the amazing opportunity of listening to our church leaders provide timely and timeless words of wisdom, guidance, and comfort.

And this weekend was no exception.

We headed to the cabin, along with the Hoopiiainas and the Browns. The kids built tents, where they quietly listened and played during the television broadcasts. We all enjoyed yummy (and mostly healthy) treats. We chatted and relaxed and just made the most of being together.

One thing that made this weekend particularly memorable was the pulling of teeth. Sterling recently told the kids that if they let him pull their loose teeth, he’d pay them $10. Well this weekend, Phoebe took him up on his offer! She was a little reluctant, but the promise of a very generous bonus (over and above the normal tooth-fairy prize) proved to be irresistible, and Sterling plucked out her tooth.

Then, less than an hour later, just as the Hoops were driving away, Kona decided he wanted in on the action as well. He was actually already belted into his car seat when he changed his mind and dashed back inside to ask Grandpa to help out.

So, apparently we’ve started a new tradition—Grandpa as the tooth fairy’s helper!