You Are Loved!

I just returned from a quick trip to southern Utah and have heard that there are a few demonstrators who are disappointed with their experience at the Catalog Premiere (which I blogged about here). I understand that the issue is that our demonstrators in Long Beach, where the event originated, got a bonus session and additional free product. While we didn’t detail what demonstrators who attended the Long Beach event would receive (we never specify at any of our events what the prizes and giveaways will be), we did communicate that there was an additional presentation there—and we also charged more for that location. Any demonstrator could attend, and we had demonstrators who traveled to Long Beach for that experience.

I also mentioned in my earlier post that we were short catalogs in a couple of locations, which really was inexcusable. We’ve fumbled a bit in our attempt to make that right, but it’s my understanding that every demonstrator who didn’t go home with a catalog in hand has heard from us by today as we’ve tried to correct that situation.

I’m so sorry if some of you were disappointed—I hate it when everyone isn’t happy. I don’t want any of you—regardless of where you attended—to feel undervalued or unappreciated. The Long Beach event was slightly different, but it wasn’t because the demonstrators there were more important—it was simply because we had more space and more time (the movie theaters wanted us in and out quite quickly). I would have loved to have all 7,000-plus demonstrators there with us. But that wasn’t feasible, so we did our best. . . Please know that you are loved and valued, whether you were in Long Beach or San Antonio or Calgary. . . or any of the other locations.

I also wanted to share a bit about the past few days in southern Utah, but I’ll save that post for tomorrow. . .