Lesson Noted

Leslie and I are in Nantucket, along with two dear friends, for a girls’ long weekend. We knew we would miss Father’s Day and planned on finding a fun little Nantucket treat to send to our fathers when we got here on Wednesday.

So much for planning. . .

Our flight Wednesday was cancelled (bad weather apparently), so we  ended up staying the night in New York and flying here on separate flights yesterday; we didn’t all get together until yesterday afternoon. A little late in the day to find those Father’s Day surprises.

So we set out today, knowing we had to get them sent today in order for them to arrive tomorrow. We found a couple of things we thought were perfect and headed to the FedEx store, where we asked the girl at the desk if they could arrive by tomorrow. “Sure,” she replied. “You’ll pay for it, but it can happen.”

We figured it might be double the regular cost or something like that. . . didn’t bother to ask the exact cost. We found some boxes, bubble wrapped the gifts, filled out labels, and headed to the counter—where we received quite a shock. I won’t share the exact amount; suffice it to say that it was more—much more—than double the regular shipping. In fact, the price of the gift itself was paled in comparison to the price of shipping!

I also paid to overnight Sterling’s Father’s Day card. I’ve had it picked out for days, just haven’t taken the time to write in it. . .again, thinking I would just overnight it to one of my girls so they could include it with his Father’s Day gift, which we’re all going in on together. That, too, was pretty pricey.

So, that’s what we get for procrastinating! Lesson noted. . . .although probably not learned. (smile) I’ll share more about this fun weekend when we get back, but in the meantime. . .

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!