Summer Family Picnic

Sterling and I took a whirlwind trip (left early Saturday morning and returned home Sunday morning) to Washington this weekend for Clearsnap’s annual summer picnic. We haven’t been able to attend for several years, so it was nice to just relax and visit with Clearsnap employees and their families.

Everyone seemed to have a fun time—the food was tasty (a catered BBQ dinner); pony rides, stamping activities, and games set up on the loading dock kept the kids entertained; and the weather was PERFECT! We’ve been traveling to Washington for years, and I’ve never seen it so gorgeous. The entire 30 hours we were there were clear and warm; I never even put on my third layer! (I had a light sweater on over my T-shirt, but I had come prepared with a heavier sweater, which I knew I’d need.)

An added bonus was the presence of Bill, Clearsnap’s general manager. He was involved in an extremely serious accident several weeks ago and almost died, so we were so grateful that he’s been able to recover to the point that he could be with us.

I was reminded, as I so often am, how important people and relationships are in our lives. They really are what matter most, and the opportunities we have to connect with people—whether family members or friends or neighbors or coworkers—are sweet. A great way to spend a summer weekend!