Farewell, Connecticut!

We bid farewell to Connecticut this weekend. We spent one day flying there and one day flying home, and spent two days in between doing what we could to help Shanna and Jared prepare for their move to Florida.

I know, I know. . . seems like they just moved to Connecticut, right? Well, they kind of just did. They’ve only been there about six months, but Liam has done so well that he only needs to check in with the specialists every few months, so they’ve decided it’s more affordable for them to move to Florida and fly back for his appointments—still sea level and closer to Jared’s family.

I, of course, am grateful for the chance we had to see them—and am SO grateful that Liam is doing well. But I do miss not having them so close. Sigh. We can’t always have what we want in life, and this is one of those times. I’ll have to be content with frequent Facetime visits and infrequent face-to-face visits.

We did have a wonderful whirlwind trip. The night we arrived, they had arranged for a babysitter, so just the grown-ups went out for dinner. That was a rare treat—and very enjoyable! Most of their things were already boxed up, so I spent my time cleaning, running errands, and entertaining the twins (my favorite assignment!). Sterling and Jared spent two long days packing the trailer, pretty much all by themselves (although they did have a friend help with the heavier items).

We did take time out on Saturday to take the twins berry picking. We drove 30 minutes, parked, stood in line for a “berry ferry” (a tractor and trailer that drove us to the strawberry fields), then followed directions and started picking. We ended up spending only about 5 minutes actually picking berries; we could have picked longer, but the kids got tired—although they LOVED the experience. Liam couldn’t pick and eat fast enough, and it was simply a ball to be out in nature, picking berries, pulling off the greens, and eating strawberries the way Mother Nature intended!

They took us to the airport yesterday morning, and they left Connecticut this morning to make the long drive south. I think they’re both excited to land somewhere more permanent, at least for the foreseeable future, and I’m already looking forward to our next Bridegan visit—this time to Florida!