Family Ties. . .

This weekend we had our annual family reunion—a family gathering that I look forward to every year. For the past couple of years we’ve gathered at a campground at Panguitch Lake in southern Utah; we’ve found a place where we can reserve an entire loop of a campground all for ourselves . . . so nice!

We went down on Thursday and came back on Sunday, with other family members coming and going throughout the long weekend. My parents were there, a few of our girls and their families came for part or all of the time, and my brothers and sisters and most of their children were there at some point.

My brother Kurt and his son Tyler even flew into the Panguitch airport in his homemade plane on their way to an airplane show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

I think we counted 68 family members there at one time or another. . .that’s a pretty big group!

We wandered from campsite to campsite, sometimes gathering in smaller groups and sometimes in larger groups. There were plenty of things to do. . . fishing ATV’ing, hiking. . .but the main activity was definitely visiting! We had planned a craft activity, but it rained that afternoon (our only rain the entire weekend!), so we sent everyone home with their supplies in hand.

A highlight for me was definitely watching the younger cousins spend time together. Many of these cousins only see each other twice a year (at this summer reunion and then our Christmas party in December), and it’s so fun to see them anxiously waiting for their favorite cousins to arrive so they can play together. (Or “hang out together” if they’re teenagers. . . )

I love that we all feel that it’s important to keep those relationships alive and that we’re passing that on to the younger generations.