A Fabulous Fourth

I mentioned yesterday that we had a great Fourth of July weekend—we spent the holiday with family and friends and it was wonderful to just relax, enjoy being together, and celebrate the country we live in.

On Friday we gathered with Sara and Shalae and their families, and we each had invited friends over as well, so we had quite a crowd. We swam, played, had a taco bar “BBQ” and watched the fireworks together.

On Saturday, it felt almost like Christmas because Sterling and I just vegged out all day; I didn’t even get dressed. Sterling read a novel while I puttered around, doing a little bit of this and that. Sunday we went to church, ending the week on another patriotic high.

I wore red all week and enjoyed listening to patriotic music and felt deep gratitude for the blessing of living in the United States of America. I know that many of my blog readers don’t live in this country, and I do strive to always keep things universal and international. But every once in a while I hope you’ll indulge me when I get a little country-specific. I am so grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country, and I am especially thankful for the many people who have sacrificed much—and continue to sacrifice—to guarantee those freedoms continue.

It was nice to reflect on those things this weekend and to celebrate together with people I love.