Friday Date Night

Sterling and I had a tender date night experience last night. We had heard about Friday’s Kids, a nonprofit organization in Utah County that provides respite for parents of children with disabilities. We have been looking for opportunities to become involved in service, and this group seemed like it might offer the perfect chance; we were especially interested in something that we could be involved in with our grandchildren.

So we went last night for the first time. . . we went alone this time because we wanted to check out ourselves before bringing the grandchildren.

What an amazing experience. Like I said, the group offers a place for parents of children with disabilities to bring their children while they have an evening free to go and do whatever they need or want to do. They drop their children off at 6 and then pick them up by 9:30. You could see as some of these parents dropped of their children how much this evening meant to them. For some of them, I imagine it’s the only break they have from the heavy responsibilities they shoulder as they care for these special children.

The children are watched by volunteers, and trained medical staff and personnel are also onsite. Last night, Sterling and I got to play with a little boy. I’m not sure exactly what his disabilities are, and we didn’t exactly play. He spent pretty much the entire time in a ball pit, just throwing balls to Sterling, who caught the balls and threw them back.

We enjoyed the experience and will definitely return, likely with a couple of grandchildren accompanying us. They allow teenagers to volunteer, if they come with an adult, so we think this is the perfect chance to help our grandkids get involved in service, while also spending some invaluable time with us.