Family Dinner--with the Bridegans!

We had a family dinner on Sunday—the first we’ve had in a couple of months. We try to have them every month, but as we all know, routine goes out the window during the summer! So it’s been awhile. . .

This dinner was especially fun because we had Shanna and Jared with us for the first time in nine months! Jared is here for business, and Shanna joined him; his family is watching the twins. We missed the babies way too much, but it was wonderful to have Jared and Shanna with us . . . we were all excited to see them after so long!

Dinner was yummy; we had BBQ and everyone brought at least one salad or dessert. Except for Shanna, of course. (smile) She’s our family chef, and she brought three tasty dishes. Shalae teased her about being an overachiever, but we all enjoyed her contributions. . . and we especially enjoyed being together!