Perfect Weather, Good Turnout, Great Time!

Celebrated (can you call it that?) the one-year anniversary of my riding accident this weekend by returning to the Grand Canyon for the annual ride; I didn’t participate, but Sterling did—he set a goal to do three 30-mile rides over three days, and he did it! Yea, Sterling!

We actually had gone back a couple of weeks ago—a short down-and-back trip to check on the status of the road Sterling worked on last year; he wanted to see how it had survived the winter and if it was ready for the ride. It looked great!

The first night of the ride, the ride organizer acknowledged the anonymous benefactor who had done so much work to improve the area. We hadn’t arrived yet, and he didn’t mention Sterling by name, but we heard later that he was extremely appreciative, as were many of those involved in the ride. No trucks got stuck this year, the road was less muddy, and the meadow was smoother and, as always, peaceful and pleasant. I’m proud of—and grateful for—my husband, who quietly saw a need and worked to fill it; he sets such a great example of service. . . 

And as for the weekend itself. . . well, the text I sent out to everyone afterwards the ride was: Perfect weather, good turnout, great time!

As I mentioned, Sterling did amazing . . . set a goal and met it! Woohoo! And I had a wonderful time as well. I was a “crew” member (everyone who doesn’t ride is crew); I helped Sterling where possible, meet him at the vet check on day 2, and cooked dinners. I had a little truck problem on my way to meet him, but other crew members helped me out and everything worked out fine. The rest of the time I relaxed, worked a little here and a little there, and read a book!

I don’t read books a lot, so the fact that I read—and finished—one is definitely worth noting. It was a great book too—“My Name Used to be Muhammad.” I kept thinking I’d just quickly skim it, but I found myself drawn into it. When I do read, I like nonfiction books, and this story of a Muslim man’s journey to becoming a Christian was simply fascinating.

I had wondered if it would be hard to be at the Grand Canyon, considering what happened a year ago, and although I did feel a little bit of anxiety, it really was just great to be there, supporting Sterling. If I had actually been riding, I’m sure there might have been a little more stress and anxiety (maybe that’s a small benefit to the arthritis?), but since I knew I was there in a support capacity, it was really just a great long weekend with almost all good memories.