The Outlaw and Virgin Pioneer Ride

Sterling wanted to go on the Outlaw and Virgin Pioneer Ride this year, an endurance ride through Mt. Dutton and the Red Canyon. He’s never done this ride, but we both knew it would be beautiful because it’s in southern Utah—and that’s all we needed to know!

The ride was scheduled for the same week as Founder’s Circle, so I decided I’d ride down with him, help him set up camp, and spend an enjoyable first evening at camp with him, then I’d bid him a fond farewell the next morning as he headed off for the first day and before I headed to St. George for Founder’s Circle.

And that’s how things went. . . .kind of.

We headed off yesterday morning several hours later than planned—many of you may know how that goes. . .  And then, even once we got on the road, things didn’t go as planned; we spent two hours on the side of the road with a broken-down truck. Sigh. . .

However, eventually, we did roll into camp as the sun sank. We set up camp in mostly darkness and then enjoyed what was left of the evening. This morning, we got up early and I helped Sterling get ready for the ride. There was anxiety and eagerness in the air. . .  he’s never done this ride and he wanted to make sure he had everything he needed. Ultimately he waved good-bye and headed off astride Dakota on time, and I’m sure he’ll have a great ride.

After he left, I put on my hiking boots (misnamed for me because I’m definitely not up for any hiking) and took a slow walk around the camp. We knew it would be beautiful, and I wasn’t disappointed; I was also grateful that I’m feeling well enough to even take the walk in the first place!

After my walk, I packed up and got ready to meet Sara, who had agreed to drive a couple hours out of her way to come pick me up on her way to Founder’s Circle. I actually felt up to walking a mile or so up the dirt road to meet her. . . I enjoyed that as well.

So Sara picked me up, and we got here to St. George a few hours ago, and we’re looking forward to Founder’s Circle festivities starting in just an hour or two. . . can’t wait to see our Stampin’ Up! leaders and spend the next few days with them!