The Bridegans' New Home

We just got back from a great weekend with the Bridegans!

Things started off a little hectic and stressful—knowing we were coming, they had scheduled family pictures. They scheduled them on purpose so we could be there to help out. In fact, both sets of grandparents were there helping, and it was probably a good thing; it took all of us to keep tabs on those two little two-year-olds! (Although we did manage to snap a few quick pics to share with you here; official photographs are Shanna's to share.)


Watching Shanna this weekend reminded me that being a mom of a two-year-old is a handful, but being a mom of two two-year-olds is absurd! (That’s Sterling’s word.) Whether we were home (which was most of the time) or eating out or grocery shopping, those two were always going! They’re adorable, but you can’t let them out of your sight! They’re up and down and all over the place. . . they’re climbing and playing and pushing and pulling. . . . they just never stop!

We loved the time we spent with the babies (toddlers now!), but we also really looked forward to naptime and the evenings after they went to bed. It was nice to just catch up with Shanna and Jared and see how happy they are.

Both Sterling and I commented when we left this morning how much easier it was to leave them this time. All four of them picked us up at the airport (the twins were so cute—the minute we climbed into the van, you could tell they were thrilled to have us there) and dropped us off. In the past, saying goodbye has been heartwrenching; I’ve sobbed as we’ve left. This little family has moved three times in eight months, and it’s always felt so unsettled when we’ve said goodbye. I’ve felt like we were leaving them all alone.

This time was different. Shanna and Liam went to the specialist a week or so ago, and she’s thrilled with the progress Liam is making. They love their new house and their new neighbors, and they are close to Jared’s family. We can tell they finally feel like they’re in a place that they can call home! As a parent, you’ve gotta love it when your children find their home.