A Weekend Highlight

Had a great weekend, with the highlight being Cooper’s first soccer game. He was so excited about the game that he invited everyone he saw to come watch, including Sterling and I. And how could we miss it, right?

We sat in the shade of a tree watching him. . . Sterling and me, along with Ashton, Shalae, and Jon. (Phoebe was at a football game with her cousins.) Cooper’s team only had one extra player, so they took turns rotating in and out of the game. Cooper was as excited to be on the sidelines as he was to play the game; he ran up and down the sidelines, cheering and clapping for his teammates. He was so into it! It was cute to watch him, and I was glad we were able to be there to support him.

We try to go to all the games and performances of our grandchildren when we know about them and when we’re in town. We’ll attend Cooper’s game next weekend too—we can’t wait to see him in action again. We’ll be out of town the next couple of weeks after that, so we have to get all the seven-year-old soccer in while we can.

We also had a nice time Sunday evening with our monthly potluck family dinner. Everyone came (except for our East Coast Bridegan family—and we always miss them!), which is rare these days with all the comings and goings of everyone as the grandkids get older. It was great to see everyone—we even had a couple of guests join us.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too. . . .