What About You?

It’s a new year and time for new goals!

I have a new way of setting goals for myself. First, I write them down (usually they’re pretty lofty and maybe a little unrealistic), knowing I will do my best to achieve them, but if any of the goals needs to be modified along the way, I will allow myself to make a change.

In contrast, my old way was to set lofty goals and then feel less about myself when I fell short. Eventually I would give up or wait for a better time to start over. It might seem silly, but just that simple mind shift made all the difference for me.

For example, a year ago I made the goal to attend the temple once a week or 52 times during the year. I quickly recognized that when I traveled, it was impossible to meet my goal unless I doubled up and served twice in the weeks I didn’t travel. I was discouraged and overwhelmed until I realized this was a personal goal and I could modify it. I decided to modify my goal to attend each week I was home. It was still a challenge (I think I missed two weeks), but striving to accomplish my goal was so much more enjoyable for me, and I was more successful in keeping that goal.

One of my goals this year is to enjoy two bites of sweets a day…no more and probably no less! (Hmmm…what's considered a bite? Just kidding!) I’m discovering that sugar affects me more than all the other factors associated with my RA, and I don’t want to hurt as much. Almost everything we eat as a society has sugar in it, so I’ll continue to be conscious about what I eat overall, but this challenging goal will be a good start for me.

What about you? Many of you have told me that you read my blog and don’t comment. I’m okay with that because my blog is more for me than for anyone else, but I’m hoping you’ll step out of your comfort zone and tell me one of your goals. Pretty please!

I would love to know just one of your new year’s resolutions. Be brave. Put it out there. Then, if you need to modify your goal along the way, do it! I give you permission (smile)!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2015!