Gratitude Today

Sterling and I enjoyed the view of a stunning sunrise on the mountains this morning as we drove to Park City to listen to friends speak at church before leaving for the next year-and-a-half to serve in Jerusalem. The theme for their talks was gratitude, which caused me to reflect on my many blessings and how grateful I am for them…too many to count!

Of my many blessings, I count friends as most precious. And a bonus this morning was the opportunity for us to visit with several dear friends, coworkers, and mentors we seldom see, who also went to support the Smiths. It was a small and happy reunion on a beautiful, balmy 38-degree day.

On the way home, we visited with a special coworker, David, who is recovering from a recent snow skiing accident. When we walked into his room at the rehabilitation center, he excitedly jumped out of his wheelchair to show us how he could walk on his own with a walker. It tickled me to see the progress he’s making, and it did my heart good just to spend a few minutes with him.

I love days like today when the sun shines bright, the distractions are few, and I’m able to contemplate my blessings more thoroughly. Today I am most thankful for good friends.

What are you most thankful for today?