This Week's Miracle

Last month my step-dad, Paul, shared that he was having difficulty breathing, walking, and reading. Keep in mind that this is a man who walks many miles a day and reads more than anyone I know!

After several doctors' appointments and numerous tests, it appeared he had two tumors in his brain, which were believed to be malignant. The plan was to operate this week on one of the tumors to determine what kind of cancer it was.

In the meantime, we checked on Paul over the phone and through texts several times a day. My sisters (who live near him) dropped in on him, took meals to him, and invited him over for dinner. And between my siblings and I, along with his son, we gladly arranged to take Paul to his appointments and to be with him through surgery and recovery. That's what family does, especially when we need it most, right?

Paul was admitted to the hospital early Tuesday, but because his blood pressure was so high, he went to the ICU instead, and his surgery was postponed.

Sterling and I have been the lucky ones to be with Paul the last few days while he waited for and had surgery. He is such a positive patient and is so kind (and funny) with all the staff. It's been a sweet experience and privilege to serve Paul as well as take notes to inform everyone else of his progress.

To make a long story a little shorter, last night, when the doctor came out after Paul's surgery, we were surprised and pleased (as was the doctor) to find out that Paul has a cavernous malformation. Simply put, there was old blood in this "tumor" (likely from a fairly recent smaller stroke). The doctors believe the other mass is the same thing. They will monitor him closely, but basically he will be released tomorrow and recover in the comfort of his own home.

Our family feels so grateful for this miracle in our lives. We know that Heavenly Father always listens to our prayers. He may not answer them when or how we like, but this time He made a lot of family, especially "the little people and their little people" (that's what Paul calls his grandchildren and great-grandchildren) very happy! We are all so relieved and feeling extremely blessed.

We love you, Paul!