Shanna and the Twins

I know some of you are wondering how Shanna and her family are doing. She was recently divorced, and while divorce is never easy, she and her sweet twins are doing okay. They still live in Florida, where Liam’s health has improved dramatically since being at sea level.

Liam is all-boy and loves tractors, building things, and playing outside. Abigail loves all things creative and talking to her dolls. She’s also a ball of fire (kind of like her mom!). Shanna is busy doing the single-mom thing…working several jobs and loving on her kids when they’re with her.

As a family, we wish we lived closer to help Shanna. But since we don't, her sisters plan to take turns making the trip to visit Shanna and the kids until Sterling and I get home from our mission, and we do what we can from a distance. We love and miss Shanna and her cute kids tons, and we’re looking forward to seeing them in the spring.