Gardner Grands at Halloween

Sterling and I look forward to our grandkids trick-or-treating at our home so we can see them up close, but this year we had to settle for photos.

Shanna and her little ones went to Disneyworld to celebrate Halloween. Abigail is at the age when she dresses up as a princess every day, and Liam plays with tractors and bulldozers non-stop, so their costumes were perfect for them.

The Hoopiianas went trick-or-treating in Jason’s old neighborhood with his family. Pokemon is one of Kona’s favorite things, and Makaii cracks me up…so theatrical!

As I opened Phoebe’s and Ashton’s photos, they seemed appropriate and cool, but when I clicked on Cooper’s, I gasped…scary! It wasn't what I expected, especially the close up photo I didn't post.

Sam’s was another spooky photo to see. I’m glad Sara sent one showing his face…made me feel better. And Sidney, Shelby, and Stella are just plain adorable! I think Seth’s face (painted by Sean) is the coolest ever!

Tanner (far left, standing) and his friends made a couple of pretty awesome bobsleds and raced them down the halls of their high school, and Cameron is Donald Trump (if you couldn’t tell). When I first saw the last photo, I thought it was one of Zach’s many girl friends hanging on him…until I realized it was our sweet and very grown up Olivia!

We handed out the September Paper Pumpkin goodie bags (containing chocolate, of course) to some of our missionaries and to those who volunteer with us at an animal rescue (a post for another day). Other than that, it was a pretty mellow and happy Halloween. Hope yours was too!