Christmas Season and Every Day

This holiday season has been unique for Sterling and me. We sent Christmas cards to the missionaries, and we gave little gifts to our branch members and the other senior missionaries we work with, but that was it. We’d given our family the gift of airline tickets to Hawaii (and dinners while they were here) months ago, so December was more relaxing and less stressful than usual. 

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm Christmas day here in Hawaii, and although we missed being with our family, we enjoyed a walk to the beach together in the morning and a quiet afternoon.

Then we had an early and simple tostada dinner, including fresh and yummy homemade salsas and melon and mint, with two of our branch members—Tory and Desiree.

Afterward we watched an inspiring movie called The Cokeville Miracle and an enlightening documentary about Handel and his work Messiah…a perfect way to end Christmas day!

This morning I was surprised to find I was sad when I went to to listen to the radio I always listen to, and Christmas music wasn’t playing. Then, as I listened to the uplifting music, I realized that most of the music was Christ-centered and that the Christmas season didn’t need to end. I can continue to listen to beautiful music about Christ and give gifts of love and service all year long.

I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ…for His humble birth and His life of service and sacrifice. I love and honor Him this Christmas season and every day.