Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary…35 years! We thought about spending our day together on a nice, long horse ride, but instead decided to check off one of our chores and go missionary shopping. Hours later, and two suits, six washable ties, slip on shoes, etc. (for Sterling), a skirt, two jackets, several blouses, and a couple pair of flats, etc. (for me), we called it a day. 

Although Sterling was a good sport, he texted Sage, “We’ve been shopping ALL day.” I told him it could have been much worse! Sterling didn’t feel like we accomplished a lot, but I informed him that while I don’t enjoy shopping like I used to, I still know how, and what we achieved in one afternoon was incredible! Besides, our shopping spree was bookended with lunch at Nordstrom and dinner at Tsunami (two of our favorite restaurants)…a productive and pleasant anniversary!

As you can see, our focus is beginning to shift toward the mission. And you might be interested to know that our Leadership 2015 keynote speaker, Jason Wright, asked if he could interview Sterling and me and write an article about our choice to serve a mission. Jason’s work appeared today in three different places, with slight tweaks in each article…deseretnews.com, ldsliving.com, and jasonfwright.com.