Congratulations! Etc.

Congratulations to the following winners who filled out the survey Sara posted on February 3rd and guessed that Sterling and I would serve our mission in Hawaii!

Wanda Soares

Susan LaCroix

Amanda Sevall

Bethany Rozek

Gina Maginnis

Delona Muhlestein

Margie Roderer

Belle Harder

Each winner will receive the items shown in the photo above. We're including the Book of Mormon (holy scripture comparable to the Bible) and a hand stamped bookmark...a special gift from our hearts, along with Project Life by Stampin' Up! products.

The Let's Get Away collection is bright, fun, and easy to use! The Douglass family went to Mexico over the holidays, and everyone created their own album using these products. I watched as each worked for hours to capture memories made with their family and to make their album personal. I hope you'll enjoy this gift too!

Sterling and I would also like to send a copy of the Book of Mormon and a hand stamped bookmark to anyone who wishes to receive them, whether you played the guessing game or not. Please click here if you'd like this special gift.

Oh, and by the way, we've been asked to go to the MTC on March 2nd instead of the 23rd, so if I post less frequently, you'll know why; we're just a little busy trying to accomplish in two weeks a portion of what we planned to do in five weeks! Yikes!

And finally, I've heard there has been some concern that I might be retiring. In case there is ANY question, I am not retiring! Sterling and I are taking a leave for approximately a year. We plan to return to our usual lives...with just a little more diverse experience.

Thanks for being part of our lives and the fun and chaos that goes with it!