Memorable Bridegan Visit

Shanna and Jared and the twins drove to Orlando on the last day of Leadership to see family members who were working the event. They also planned to stay and visit with Sterling and I for a few extra days.

When they arrived at the convention center, we were so excited to see them that I didn't even think to ask someone to take photos of our greetings. Duh! I'm still mourning that I don't have it on film. (I know this is a long shot, but if anyone happened to get a photo or matter how blurry...please let me know. It would mean so much!) 

It was the sweetest thing to hear the twins call out our names and give us the biggest hugs! I hope I'll always remember how that felt!  Sean, Sara, Nate, Sterling, and I chased after and played with Liam and Abigail to get their wiggles out, and we enjoyed our time with Shanna and Jared as well.

As it happened, Liam got sick and Abigail was close behind, so Sterling and I ended up renting a car on Sunday morning and followed the Bridegans home to Jacksonville.  We spent a couple of days cuddling with fevered little ones and visiting with their parents. Again, no photos...grrr!

Our Stampin' Up! photographers were able to capture a few family photos outside the convention center for the upcoming catalog, so I'm sharing a snapshot of that. At least it will help me remember the beginning of a memorable visit with the Bridegan family.