Group Hug


After a busy day speaking at church and finishing last-minute projects, our family (all except the Bridegans, of course) showed up with traditional Hawaiian fare, delicious sides, and two desserts for our farewell dinner. It was nice not to worry about a thing...except pack and get ready to leave for a year!

After dinner, Jason taught all of us how to "hang" Hawaiian style, and Jon snapped a couple of group hug shots with the help of the self timer. I'm counting on this special group hug to tide us over for the next twelve months until we're together again!

We'll miss our entire family, but we know we're doing the right thing. And we also know they'll be praying for us (and us for them!) and holding down the fort while we're gone. We wouldn't be able to serve on a mission without their love and support!

Love and lots of hugs to our wonderful family!