A Room with a View

We’ve been here in Hawaii for almost three weeks, and we’re finally feeling a little settled...settled enough to go to yoga this morning. Yay! Our one-bedroom apartment is feeling more like home, and we’re into a semi-routine.

This is our view from our front door. Yes, we’re in an apartment on the 29th floor. The couple we replaced, and that also lived here, warned us that while the view is beautiful, the noise isn’t. We’re in between two hospitals, so the sirens are frequent, and the freeway is nearby, so there’s always a hum of traffic. But we love the view...or views!

One of the benefits of being so high is that there are no birds or bugs, so we can leave our windows and the door onto the lanai open all the time. There is always a breeze...a must because we have no air conditioning or heating. Funny thing? When it’s been chilly and we’ve closed everything up, there’s still a breeze (and a whistle). We’re learning to sleep through all sorts of noises!

Here are the views from our little lanai.

Finally, here’s the view off the elevators.

Every day our views are different, depending on the weather…and always gorgeous!

Because we’re feeling settled doesn’t mean we’re competent in our responsibilities yet, but each day we feel a little less overwhelmed and more confident in our roles in the mission office.  More on that another day…