Our First Transfer Week

This week was transfer week, where new missionaries arrive in Hawaii, some missionaries are transferred to a different area and serve with a new companion, and those who have completed their service prepare to go home.

Everyone in the mission office had told us that transfer week was hectic, but until you experience it, you can only imagine it!

I was mainly responsible for preparing files for last-minute incoming missionaries, communicating information for those going home, and for the mission newsletter. Sterling was responsible for coordinating flights and ferries for all the missionaries transferring from island to island. (Only one missionary ended up on the wrong side of an island…something Sterling hopes doesn’t repeat itself…LOL!

The best part about the week was getting to meet young missionaries as they arrived, in between transfers, and as they were leaving the mission. They have such a positive spirit about them! Those were the moments when we didn’t plan to accomplish anything except to visit with them and bask in their enthusiasm!

We’re glad to have a transfer week under our belts and are already thinking of ways we can improve for the next transfer in six weeks.