Did You Know?

I have recently learned that there has been some confusion and concern regarding my personal blog content appearing on the Stampin' Up! corporate website, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few things with you.

First, soshelli.com is my personal blog (and a journal of sorts for me), where I post about my life, my family, my religion, and Stampin’ Up!, just as I have done since the beginning of my blog. These posts evolve with my personal circumstances.

Stampin’ Up!’s home page is a feed with content from some of our social sites and includes Stampin' Up!’s own corporate blog. The site tells an overall story about who we are and is a place for us to share ideas, promote products, and make announcements.

As the owner of the company, my blog posts contribute to that feed because many of them feature samples made with Stampin’ Up! products, recognize demonstrators and employees, and highlight company events; however, timely corporate announcements should always be the priority, and we have taken steps to ensure this will happen in the future.

I understand that some people may occasionally be offended by what I write. To offend is certainly never my intention! My goal is to inspire and connect on a more personal basis with those who visit my blog.

Some subtle changes have been made to soshelli.com, and we will make more changes to distinguish corporate blog posts from my personal posts so visitors can more clearly choose what content they wish to view. I will also try to remember to have sensitive posts removed from the company’s home page feed, so as not to offend.

I’m sorry to have caused concern or to have offended anyone. I hope you know me well enough to know that I would never intentionally do either. It’s just not my nature.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I really do value them…and all of you!