Happy Father's Day

We celebrate mothers in May, but somehow June rolls around and fathers are so often overlooked or forgotten. When I think about the different men who have influenced (and continue to influence) my life, my gratitude for fathers is immense.

Of course, my first thoughts are of my father, Lynn. He's a wonderful man with positive energy and a happy heart. This photo is of my dad and I at a daddy-daughter luau when I was about 10 years old. Dad always made me feel special and still does.

Sterling, my sweetheart and the father of our children, is my best friend. He's a thoughtful, wise, and generous man. It’s been especially nice to spend nearly every waking hour with him while on our mission, and I’m so grateful for his love and support during our 35 years of marriage.

And then there are my stepdads, Paul and Bill, and the fathers of our grandchildren, and…well the list of men whom I am grateful for and honor today is lengthy.

I hope the men in our lives feel loved and honored today and every day.

As a side note, our gift to our sons-in-law was money to spend as they wish—in this gift card enclosure…a great “manly” idea for any occasion!