Just Not the Same

I know Sara will blog about convention when it’s over, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of my thoughts tonight. After attending 26 North America Stampin’ Up! conventions, there have been several melancholy moments for Sterling and me these past couple of days as we’re missing our first.

While we’re so grateful for the opportunity to watch the live streaming and catch a glimpse of convention, it’s just not the same…SO not the same! Similar to being there, we've enjoyed the presentations on stage, we’ve laughed and we’ve cried, especially when Sara welcomed everyone yesterday and then spoke this morning (the proud parents that we are!).

I must say that watching all the recognition is so much more moving when you’re in the same room than on the screen. And we’ve missed the classes and the Gathering Place, the warm hugs, the incredible energy, the inspiring swaps, hearing amazing stories…well, just being with everyone!

For those who have been to convention before and aren’t able to attend, for whatever reason, you understand what I mean when I say that it’s great to view portions of the event through the miracle of technology, but nothing compares to attending…live and in person!

Convention is also a special time for our family to share in the Stampin’ Up! spirit together. There’s just something we feel at convention that we don’t feel any other time. It’s hard to explain…humbling, rejuvenating, and kind of magical. And even though we’re not all able to attend this year, it’s been fun to receive photos from those family members who are there. I’m sharing a few of those photos now and will wait with anticipation for photos of the entire event in a few days when Sara posts!