Special Kids

We had the opportunity to spend time with some special kids at Shriners Hospital for Children this week at a 4th of July celebration. One of the single adults at our church works at and plans activities at Shriners, and she asked if some of us would come and help with the barbeque and play with the kids.

The event began with a wheelchair parade…each decorated with red, white, and blue crepe paper and signs. While waiting for dinner, we visited with kids from Samoa and Fiji who had been there anywhere from two months to ten months. They were delighted to find out that we’d been to Fiji! Sterling also showed them photos of me after my accident and in a wheelchair, which I think helped them feel comfortable around us.

After dinner we played cards and a couple games of pool. The kids were happy, positive, and grateful, which reminded us to count our blessings. Some of them didn’t want us to leave, so we promised to come back often. Next time we’ll bring some stamping supplies too!

Note: Although we took photos with a few of these special kids for our album, Shriners policy naturally doesn’t allow photos to be posted online.