A New Tradition

Our weekend was its usual busyness with Saturday morning being the highlight. It started by waking up at 4:30 AM and enjoying the gorgeous drive to Laie for a temple trip with some of our branch members. We’ve gone with them a few times (and it’s always a peaceful and spiritual experience), eating a meal together afterward, but this time was the best because we went to the Marriott Courtyard for breakfast. It was clean and spacious, there was no straddling over a picnic table bench in my skirt, and it was air-conditioned…yay! As far as Elder Gardner and I are concerned, a new tradition has been born!

Plus the food reminded me of Founder’s Circle (the menu is similar to the Courtyard in St. George). I will miss being with all of our Founder’s Circle achievers for the final retreat this week and hope everyone has a great time together in beautiful southern Utah. Congratulations and hugs from Hawaii!