Majestic Mountain Reception

This young couple is another one from our branch that decided to tie the knot in December, and we’re so excited for their new life together!

Marissa and Reyn were married in the Laie Temple a couple of weeks ago—a sweet ceremony we were able to witness with family and friends—and last night was their reception. It was in a ballroom with a view of the majestic mountains on the north side of Oahu—absolutely gorgeous!

We’ve gotten to know Reyn and Marissa quite well, so when I volunteered to help with the invitations and favors, Marissa gladly accepted. Two hundred of anything is a lot…thankfully Sterling helped!

We sat with two of our favorite branch members and enjoyed their company and a delicious dinner, but my favorite part of the program was when Marissa sang to her sweetheart, who is the perfect match for her.

We snapped a quick photo with the bride and groom after the money dance, and we look forward to spending more time with them when their life settles down a bit!