A New Year

Happy 2016!

Our long weekend (yay!) began when the mission office closed early on New Year’s Eve and we hiked (well, walked slowly!) to Manoa Falls. The evening was spent out on our lanai watching fireworks…fireworks that started at 5:00 PM before the sun even set! Seriously, I’ve never seen so many fireworks. At midnight I counted more than twenty different major firework shows going on from Manoa Valley to the ocean. It was an amazing view from the 29th floor!

Friday morning we went to the beach with some other senior missionaries, and then we spent the rest of the day and weekend (aside from our usual Sunday responsibilities, of course) pretty relaxed.

I also had lots of time to reflect on 2015 and contemplate 2016. I even went back to last year’s blog post, read all your comments and goals, and felt so inspired...thank you!

Although I did okay with the goal I posted on January 1st last year, I can do a lot better, so I’m continuing my effort to only eat two bites of sweets a day. Other than that, my list of goals is long, but one of them is to journal my thoughts and feelings at least once a week (I’ve been out of the habit for years!). I’m excited for the opportunity to be quiet with my thoughts.

So how did you do last year and/or what’s one of your goals this year? I’d love to know and to be inspired!