Family Time in Florida

It was general conference weekend, but it was also the only time for a trip to see Shanna and the twins, so we headed to Florida for a fast few days, and we’ll watch conference this week…a little delayed.

An overnight trip to Legoland was a fun adventure that hopefully Liam and Abbie will remember for years. It was amazing to see all the Lego creations, and these two four-year olds were troopers, even with sweat rolling down their red faces!

I think Liam and Abbie will have happy memories of our trip, except for their first (and probably last!) rollercoaster ride Grandma decided to take them on when Sterling went to get Shanna after her Strongman training. Amidst tears, I bought a small magnet so we could prove to Shanna that we had done it. Notice the happy before photo and the blurry one taken during the first drop. I felt horrible!

Helping with family photos was the other main event. Again, the twins were troopers while the photographer snapped dozens of photos of them with their mom and playing together. We even got a few with Sterling and me. Our girls remind us every year how inconvenient family photos are for the Stampin’ Up! catalog, but they’re always worth it!

As usual, I wasn’t ready to leave my baby and hers. I already miss Liam’s and Abbie’s constant jabbering and their hugs and kisses. And I’m always incredibly inspired by Shanna’s dedication to her jobs, especially her responsibility as mom of these two busy and adorable twins.