The Tradition Continues

We were trying to figure out how many years we’ve been gathering together the weekend before Christmas, and we can’t remember when it all started. Our children were young, and now their children are nearly grown. It doesn’t really matter though. We just know that after each gathering, we always comment on how much we enjoyed seeing everyone and being together.

Very few family members were unable to make it this year, which made for almost 80 people coming and going from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Six babies joined the family since last December, and it was fun to see them being passed around and cuddled. It was also fun to watch the young children play together and the teenagers hang out with cousins they only see once (maybe twice) a year.

Grandma Pat decided to do something a little different for the Christmas program. She thought it would be fun (and I suppose it was for those watching!) for her and us seven siblings to lip sync and dance to a Christmas song. It brought back memories of my childhood, performing at church and community events, and I’m glad to know it’ll be another group’s turn next year! Sorry, no photo. Only a video, and I don’t know how to post videos…lucky for you!

I wasn’t feeling well the day we drove down, and I asked Sterling if he would be okay to go without me. I just didn’t know if I was up to it, but I’m so glad I went. It turned out to be a great few days relaxing and visiting with extended family!