Deserved Praise

Shortly after Sterling’s stroke, in a round about and inspired way, we found a program that would help him learn how to reverse cardiovascular and related diseases. Without hesitation, he committed to attending sessions for four hours, twice a week (Monday evening and Saturday morning), for nine weeks.

The program focused on four elements...nutrition, exercise, group therapy, and stress management. His personal priority was getting off of medication as quickly as possible, which he did within a few weeks of starting the program. In the process, he’s also lost the weight he put on since arriving in Hawaii (I can’t say the same for me!).

After hours of homework, in addition to the sessions, he finally “graduated” with his caring cohort of ten. One of the staff did a spotlight on him, and these are some excerpts from her letter:

“Even on the tough days…he was honest about his trials and challenges, allowing himself to show his vulnerability and courage at the same time—a true inspiration on what it means to be fully authentic as a human being, going through this journey of unexpected events and blessings in life, all with a gentle and strong heart of faith and trust.”

“He even extended his kindness to me personally when I was feeling lots of tension in my shoulders, and with his background in massage therapy, he offered to reduce my physical tension, which really did help.”

“Sterling, …I personally am touched by your willingness to extend your generous smile and light to me, our team here, and your fellow cohort participants simply with your bright and loving presence.”

Those of you who know my sweetheart know he’s deserving of the praise he received. Sterling was diligent and disciplined in his efforts, and I’m so proud of him!