Sweet Sabbath

It’s been an intense week! Between Stampin’ Up! and Brick Canvas, I’ve felt a little (okay, a lot!) overwhelmed since returning home from our mission. I knew it would be hectic, but what I didn’t know was how much I would miss being with Sterling. After spending nearly 24/7 together for an entire year, I was uncomfortable being away from him, and I was grateful to come home to him. Of course he’s been extremely supportive during this reentry week.

This morning we reported on our mission in a couple of church meetings. It was difficult to focus on and talk about only a few things in the time we were given because we have so many experiences we loved and appreciated about our mission. We were especially happy to see people from our mission, along with unexpected family and friends, and it made for a sweet Sabbath.

I’m grateful for the Sabbath and the opportunity to rest and renew, and I’m hoping for a calmer week ahead.