Congratulations Linda!

Linda Bauwin recently crossed the 1 Million-Dollar Milestone—a goal she hoped to achieve before Onstage. Not only did she meet her goal, she did it almost a month early. She also wanted to be the first “Linda” to be counted among the Million-Dollar Achievers. We’re so proud of her!

As is usual for this elite group, Sara and I sent a specially designed card to be delivered with a beautiful flower arrangement. Well, somehow her card got wet during delivery. Thankfully this photo was taken before the card was sent, because Linda said the card arrived “very wet but beautiful.” What a kind and understanding soul!

Linda’s had an incredibly difficult year since her husband’s sudden death, so this achievement is especially meaningful for her. Jay has always been Linda’s biggest support, and I’m pretty certain that hasn’t changed one bit! I can only imagine him cheering her across her milestone finish line. Congratulations and hugs Linda!