Molokai and Many Goodbyes

Our last week in Hawaii was definitely memorable! We, along with several senior couples, flew to beautiful Molokai and toured the historic Kalaupapa in an old rusted school bus.

The members of our little branch planned a backyard farewell potluck that same evening, and the turnout was incredible! The weather was perfect, and everyone was content to just visit the night away. It was our favorite event of the year! We felt so loved.

If that wasn’t enough, on Sunday at church everyone sang Aloha Oe. We sobbed like babies! Then everyone hugged us and put leis around our necks…forty leis in total! Several people said they hoped we could feel their “love” around our necks, and we could!

And even though we begged people to not come to the airport last night, there were a few who insisted and came anyway. After a week of goodbyes and feeling lots of love, we were sad to leave wonderful people behind and excited to be home and see family!