Disney Family Cruise

We’ve been planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip for years, knowing it would probably be the last time we’re all together as a family before grandchildren go their separate ways (serve church missions, attend college, get married, etc.), and we had such a great time!

The fact that it was spring break meant that the ship was super crowded and the lines to see the Disney characters were long, but that didn’t seem to hinder cousins playing with and hanging out with each other. Watching their interaction was definitely the highlight for Sterling and me!

We had cabins with adjoining balconies, so if you wanted privacy, you had to draw the drapes. Otherwise, your cabin was an open house, so to speak. Each evening we all went to our family’s assigned dining room and rotated from table to table to mix it up and catch up on the day’s activities.

While the all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream was probably one of the things the kids will remember most, the day at Disney’s island was everyone’s favorite day. The weather was perfect, and we all wished for one more beach day...so relaxing and fun!

After a wonderful week together, which hasn’t happened since Shanna and her family moved away, it was sweet—and sad—to see the cousins say goodbye to Liam and Abbie. It was special to be with one another and to feel the love and support that comes from family, and we’re already looking forward to our next reunion.