Linda's Celebration Wishes

Staying over for a few extra days after OnStage was Linda Bauwin’s choice, after having recently achieved her million-dollar milestone. Linda and her friend Jodie spent a quiet Sunday in Salt Lake City, and early Monday morning their adventure and celebration began.

Linda and Jodie were driven to Park City for a hot-air balloon ride in the brisk morning breeze. They walked Park City’s Main Street and then headed to Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip Festival and dinner at Harvest Restaurant.

Yesterday Linda and Jodie were greeted by a small group of employees, including most of the corporate team members. (Linda felt more comfortable not having the traditional home office welcome party.) They received a personalized tour of Stampin’ Up!, designed a stamp set, and ate lunch with some of the corporate team.

Last night Sean was home with the flu, but Sara, Sterling, and I enjoyed dinner at Current Fish & Oyster with Linda and Jodie and got to hear all the details of their celebration wishes.

Linda is an amazingly strong woman who has achieved an amazing milestone amidst a life-changing trial…and all with a beautiful and positive perspective. It was a joy to spend time celebrating her!