Faux Wax Seal

Because we couldn’t think of a creative gift for the fathers in our lives, we’re giving the usual gift card this Father’s Day. What makes this gift card holder unique is the beautiful copper faux wax seal!

I don’t usually include instructions, but I decided it might be worth sharing how to make the faux wax seal. Imagine the possibilities with all our stamp images and powders!

1. Using the VersaMark pad, dab a 2”x2” square of ink near a corner of the Silicone Craft Sheet.

2. While holding the opposite corner, pour about 1/2 teaspoon Copper Emboss Powder in the size of a quarter onto the inked up spot of the Silicone Craft Sheet.

3. Holding the Heat Tool in your other hand, heat the powder from underneath the Silicone Craft Sheet, directly under the powder. This prevents the powder from blowing all over. (This may work better when you’re standing.) Once the powder is mostly melted, you can finish heating from the top.

4. Heating the powder takes about 2 minutes, depending on the thickness of the faux wax seal.

5. Ink stamp with VersaMark to prevent sticking.

6. Stamp into the heated powder...slightly cooled, and then gently lift stamp off. (If it doesn’t work or cools down, just reheat and repeat steps 5 and 6.)

7. Wait for the embossed image to completely cool before lifting off the Silicone Craft Sheet.

8. Your image and the embossing shouldn’t be a perfect circle. Let it happen naturally for a unique look!

9. Splatter the project with VersaMark refill (watered down), dust with Copper Emboss Powder, and heat.

10. Using Multipurpose Liquid Glue, place the faux wax seal onto the crossed and stapled Burlap Ribbon.