Unique Strawberry Ride

Sterling packed the trailer, and after I pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday (I had a few deadlines that needed to be met before we left), the horses were loaded, and we headed out of town to a very unique Strawberry Fields Endurance Ride.

When we arrived at camp and got set up, we’d planned to go on a short ride, but Sterling insisted that I take a nap first. “It’s pretty sad when your wife tries to help set up while she wobbles around, looks at you cross-eyed, and can’t put her words into a sentence.” His words, not mine! I took an unheard of three-hour nap, and we walked the horses up and down hills and through the trees and foliage in place of the short ride.

The unique thing about this ride is that we camped alongside the other 70 plus riders, but chose not to compete. Our friends Angie and Izzy, who camped next to us, did compete yesterday while Sterling and I rode what we call a joy ride—a nice and easy ride.

Because we haven’t been on horseback much since returning home from our mission (and haven’t camped for almost two years) our goal was to just enjoy the beautiful scenery and ride as we wished. The weather was warm during the day, but not too warm—just right for riding and sitting under the canopy, visiting, reading, and looking at the expansive meadows and mountains. And the nights were chilly enough to make you want to snuggle in the bedroll. It was lovely! As usual, the photos don’t do justice.

We ended our two-day trip with an absolutely beautiful ten-mile joy ride this morning with our friends, had a quick lunch, and packed up for home. The next ride and camping can’t come soon enough!