This Year's Grand

This year’s Gardner Grand began with rock repelling and a Dutch oven dinner in American Fork Canyon. For most of us, it was a first-time exhilarating experience. Almost everyone tried it, and some of us did it multiple times.

The rest of the event was “pretty chill” (as one of the grandkids put it) at the cabin. We stamped cards for cousin Tanner to use on his mission (we missed him so!), and spent most of our time together visiting and laughing. It was so much fun!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching everyone play in the pool together. The other was when all the kids would visit for hours while taking turns massaging each other’s heads.

Someone will occasionally suggest that Sterling and I do two events—one for the older grands and one for the younger. This year was a reminder that doing one event creates family unity and provides valuable interaction between all ages...a sweet thing to watch.

Trading head massages as well as dipping fruit in dark and white chocolate for dessert were the two new traditions everyone felt must be repeated annually!

We attended Music and the Spoken Word, as usual, and finished the Grand at our home, playing cards, watching The Best Two Years, and scrapbooking the event. It was an awesome weekend with the most awesome grandkids ever!