Warmer Weekend

When we realized the weather was expected to be cold and wet in northern Utah, we decided to trailer our horses to Kanab (for the employee barbecue) and stay for a couple of days to ride and make the most of our trip.

After finishing a couple of work projects on Friday, we rode up Hog Canyon to the Beehives overlooking Kanab. It was a breathtakingly beautiful ride after a couple days of rain! It was also late enough in the day that we couldn’t get good photos of Kanab…maybe next time.

Yesterday we attended the funeral service of Neil Crosby, an extended family member and native of Kanab. Our hearts were touched as we learned more about and celebrated the life of this wonderful man—an example of gentle humility and obedience with exactness. While we know his family will miss him, we’re happy to know he’s with his sweetheart who passed away many years ago.

We traveled last night so we could be home for the annual children’s program in church today. Cooper had a speaking part and played the violin with a group of other children for the prelude music, Phoebe sang a special musical number with her class, and Ashton was happy to be part of the larger group of smiling children who warmed our hearts as they testified through word and song. I love these programs!

We ended the weekend with a Sunday afternoon drive in the warm sunshine and the windows down. (It snowed while we were away, so we were grateful it warmed up today.) I’m not ready for fall weather yet and will enjoy every warm day we get!